Department Login:

1.Enrollment of Students after Admission

2.Academic Calendar

3.Weekly Scheduling of Class(Routine)

4.Registering attendance of students for each session of Class

5.Maintaining Records of Assessment of students for semester

Faculty Login:

1.Addition of topic under main subjects

2.Mentoring of Students

3.Assessment of Students after each semester

4.Assessment of Student Projects

5.Communication to Students over mail below the minimum participation of class

This module may be available in their mobile .

Administrator Login:

1.Addition of Guest Faculty Information

2.MIS reports regarding all faculties and students

3.Addition of New courses

4.This Login will be available to the HODs / Dean/ Director

Sudent Login:

1.View the details of their Information,Attendance , Result of Assessment Semester Wise

2.Weekly alert of their shortfall of attendance will be displayed here .

2.If Required Module Feedback can be registered by them in the system

3.Dues of their Hostel fees/ tuition fees/other fees would be available

This module may be available in their mobile .