"Life is not a bed of Roses. Endeavour on the path of life is encounter with many difficulties and unseen twists and turns. Situation demands calm and organised frame of mind to deal with the relentless agony and ecstasy of life. In order to provide an apt source of help in this regard; "

I, Anchalika Chowdhury, have established a self-led in this field of Astrological healing and psychic capabilities.Astrological odyssey began in the early years of my life. I have developed a natural interest in clairvoyance at a very young age. This endowment of persistence, patience, introspection, self-questioning inspired me to put it in good use and practice the science of Astrology, Spiritual Counselling, and Palm Reading Consultancy and currently running astrological Course professionally."

Over last 10 years I feel blessed to have helped many Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Industrialists, and Business Owners for all issues of life related to health, wealth, job, career, sickness, relationship issues and success. I provide advice, counsel and provide remedies with integrity and absolute confidentiality consistently sharing the knowledge and giving solutions to masses. Apart from giving individual astrological remedies I do my best to provide mental strength to fight to the odd situations.

"My Mission is to serve humanity by providing true professional Astrological guidance,Spreading Astrological education with the essence of Ancient Indian Texts in pragmatic and scientific way to people worldwide. "




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Astrological Education as per Standard Academic Curriculum .

The Astro Lyceum of India is my newly formed Institute with certain aims and objectives, the chief of which is to extend proper education in astrology so as to create educated and efficient astrologers for the benefit of society.


As a matter of fact, a remedy is a practical solution which diminish the ill effects of “bad karmas of our previous life” as far as my work here is concerned. It is evident by now that our destiny is directly proportional to our previous life’s deed also known as karmic activities.

Generally, a remedy basically is the process of Penance by which we get involved in doing something or are restricted from doing things that we were habitual of doing. Some remedies as already said are Vedic that has been followed for ages carried forward by sages in the different eras while some are contemporary. It is all based on the Place (Desh), Instant (Kaal) and State (Sthiti) of the doer as they vary along with time. Though all these remedies are practical; yet few remedies are restricted to particular regions, more like antitoxins, and hence cannot be followed everywhere. For example, antitoxins developed in European countries follow the genome of the people there and thus cannot be used in Eastern countries.


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